Silica Sand Production

Selkirk Silica’s origins started in the late 1960’s to serve the demand for silica sand in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and surrounding areas.

Originally, Selkirk Silica was formed as a mining operation to extract the silica sand from Black Island and process it in Selkirk for the glass industry. Operations on the island ceased in the late 1980’s and Selkirk Silica has since imported the highest quality of silica sand in North America. Our silica sand is >99.69% SiO2.

As time has gone on, Selkirk Silica has been proudly supplying the silica sand used in Manitoba foundries, water filtration plants, drilling companies, surface preparation applications, landscaping and many others in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The silica sand Winnipeg market depends on reliable chemical purity and consistently uniform particle size distributions for predictable performance.

We are the major distributor of sub-round grain silica sand in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Western Canada. All of our sands are mined, washed, dried twice, sized and screened under strict quality guidelines.

Our silica sand is sold in bulk (hopper-bottom trailer or pneumatic), in 4,000-lb super sacks or pallets of 50-lb bags. We are dedicated to serving the Winnipeg and Manitoba silica sand market with competitive pricing, consistent chemistries, dry, free of any debris and on time for when you need it.

If you are searching for larger volumes of silica sand in Winnipeg or Manitoba (4,000 lbs+) be sure to give us a call. Should you require smaller quantities, we have a number of distributers across Manitoba carrying our products that can accommodate your needs.

From 16 to 100 mesh, we have you covered for your next big silica sand project. Give us a call!

Sand Blasting