Product Description Packaging Grade Sizes

Silica Sand
Produced from high purity industrial quartz, this washed and dried silica sand has a uniform grain shape and particle size is perfect for any surface preparation application. • Bulk Truckload
• Pneumatic Truckload
• Bulk Bags
• 50 lbs Bags*
4095, 4075, 4060, 4045, 4020, 5020, 5010
A synthetic olivine sand, Jetmag is an abrasive containing under 1.0% free silica and no heavy metals. It cuts hard and fast, preparing surfaces that are full of rust and paint as well as removing mill scale off new steel. Pipeline approved. • Bulk Truckload
• 3,040 lbs Bags
• 55 lbs Bags*
16/60, 30/60, 32-B4, 35/70 and 60-B2

Recycled Grass Grit
100% Crystalline Silica-free and Canadian made recycled glass. Glass Grit is environmentally safe, economical and provides superior cutting power for removing rust and most coatings. Glass Grit works great in vapour and wet-blast machines. Pipeline approved. • 50 lbs Bags*
• 3,080-lb sacks
10/20, 20/30, 30/60, 40/70, 70/100, 60/140

Corn Cob
Corn cobs, a soft and absorbent media is great for log homes, boat owners, for the cleaning of aluminum pontoon floats, fiberglass and wooden hulls, and brass boat instruments and fixtures. • 50 lbs Bags 14/20, 20/40, 40/60

Black Diamond
Hard angular coal slag particles that enhance cutting and speed. Low free silica content, low dusting and consistent uniform weight, Black Diamond/Magnum is the right choice for many uses. Pipeline approved. • Pneumatic Truckload
• Bulk Bags
• 50 lbs Bags*
• 3,000 lbs Bags
12/40 (Coarse), 20-40 (Medium), Trig Blend [(25% - 20/40) + (75% - 30/60)] and 40/80 (Extra Fine)

Garnet (Blasting)
Used for blast cleaning heavy industrial equipment, oil pipes and tanks. Extremely hard, re-useable up to 5 times and low dust blasting alternative. Grades available for blasting aluminum and stainless steel. • 55 lbs Bags* 12/25, 20/40, 20/60 and 30/60

(Water Jet)
Alluvial Garnet of Indian origin has a precise size and is a low dust alternative effective in cutting stainless steel, titanium, alloys, granites and various glasses. • 55 lbs Bags* 80 and 100 mesh (Industrial Standard), 60 and 50 mesh (High Speed), 120 mesh (Super Fine)

Starblast® and Starblast® XL are staurolite abrasives used in steel fabrication and bridge maintenance to remove rust, mill scale and weathered coatings. Starblast® is guaranteed to conatain <5% free silica and is typically <3% while Starblast® XL contains <1% free silica. This product is the market leader for mill scale removal and is recyclable on average ~2.5 times. • Bulk Truckload
• Bulk Bag
• 50 lbs Bags*
Standardized Sizing

K2 Strip
K2 Strip is an odourless, non-volatile, specially produced and sized potassium sulphate crystal. It is soft, environmentally friendly and primarily used to remove coatings and stripping paint off metals without any damage. • 55 lbs Bags* Standardized Sizing

Walnut Shells
Walnut shells are durable, environmentally friendly and ideal in the blasting process for coating/matter removal without scratching or pitting the underlying material. • 50 lbs Bags* 4/6, 6/10, 8/12, 4/20, 12/20, 14/30, 18/40, 20/30, 20/40, 35/60, 40/60, 40/100, 60/100, 60/200, 60/200-10.5, 70/200, -100, -200, -325

Steel Grit
Angular in size and is one of the fastest cutting abrasives available. It produces an ideal surface for adherence of new coatings. This martensite steel grit is available in four hardness ranges (GS, GM, GL & GH) and is recyclable 200+ times. • 50 lbs Bags*
• 2,000 lbs Drums
G16, G18, G25, G40, G50, G80, G120

Steel Shot
Steel Shot provides long life (10-40% more than competitive product) & greater durability allowing it to wear down gradually, while maintaining its round particle shape. Ideal for removing heat-treating scale and cleaning heavy forgings. • 50 lbs Bags*
• 2,000 lbs Drums
S780, S660, S550, S460, S390, S330, S280, S230, S170, S110, S70

Glass Beads
Glass beads, ideal for polishing, peening, honing, finishing and removing light debris and foreign matter off a wide variety of surfaces due to its efficiency as both an abrasive and the sizing that is available. • 50 lbs Bags* #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10

Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide is one of the hardest abrasives available (MOHS). Recyclable several times, this silica-free abrasive is great for fast cleaning, deburring, etching and paint removal. Used often in the aircraft industry. • Bulk Bags
• 50 lbs Bags*
• 2,000 lbs Bags
#12, #24, #36, #54, #80

Baking Soda
Baking Soda is a very soft abrasive used for cleaning and removal of coatings and contaminants that can be used easily and effectively without disturbing the base material. Also used for contained blasting operations. • 50 lbs Bags* 70, 170, 270

White Lightning®
Whole grain sodium potassium alumino silicates, also known as the White Lightning® blasting abrasive contains less than one tenth of one percent of crystalline silica. Ideal for maintenance blasting, White Lightning® removes paint and rust with minimal alteration to the original surface profile. • Bulk Truckload
• Bulk Bag
• 50 lbs Bags*
10/20, 20/40, 25/50
Progrit (Iron Silicate)
Progrit is known for its incredibly low levels of dust. It has a high production rate with under 1% of free silica. It can be used for heavy coatings removal and mill scale removal. • Pneumatic Truckload
• 3,086 lbs Bags
• 50 lbs Bags*
12/40, 20/40, 30/60 and 35/70

* Sold in pallet quantities only.

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